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Robots support painful rehabilitation.
The robot memorizes the rehabilitation process and aims to provide
correct motor assistance and reduce the burden on the therapist.

Hand Rehabilitation Robots

The robot memorizes the occupational therapist’s rehabilitation exercises. The system enables the reproduction of the exercise anytime and anywhere.
Therefore, patients can continue correct rehabilitation by themselves. Even at their homes.


Patients with hand paralysis due to a stroke, or patients in need of rehabilitation after a hand surgery


  • Japan
  • Joint development with Kinki University (subsidized by the Bank of Ikeda)
    Osaka University, Project for Human Resource Development Center for Future Medical Research
  • Overseas
  • Joint development with Aarhus City, Denmark (In cooperation with Collabos 316, Osaka City)

About Current Rehabilitation

Due to pain and fatigue from repetitive motions of 10~40 minutes a day, most patients do not undergo continuous rehabilitation, delaying their return to society.

With this robot, patients are free from fatigue and can expect to achieve an efficient and quick recovery through accurate rehabilitation.

For occupational therapists, it also reduces treatment and work time, allowing them to devote that time to advanced rehabilitation therapy.

Vision for Future Development

Our goal is to ship hand rehabilitation robots to the market as quickly as we can and help many patients.
For this purpose, we are considering bringing back overseas medical certifications to Japan as it is quicker to obtain them.
In the future, we would like to apply the technology and ideas acquired through the consignment of robot parts and consulting to create a “service system cure hands.”