Technology Innovation
To Help People


Robots are a tool to help people.

Based on this philosophy,
we develop robots to help people.

Lightweight and compact design is our specialty.
We excel at compacting parts
that would otherwise be bulky.

Currently, we develop robot parts on consignment,
focusing on developing hand rehabilitation robots,
and provide technical development consulting services.

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Developing Hand Rehabilitation Robots

A "hand rehabilitation robot" that is attached to a patient by an occupational therapist who guides the patient through rehabilitation and performs model movements, which are then easily memorized and reproduced.

In addition to its ease of use and the fact that occupational therapists can easily set it up without any difficult operations, its multi-joints allow for various movements, and its low price is a major attraction.

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Jointly Developing Control Education Robots.

Three types of units are available: 1-axis bending joint unit, 2-axis bending joint unit, and 1-axis twist joint unit.
This robot kit enables easy construction of robot DOF configurations to suit research and educational themes.

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